Six publicly-funded beds added to Prince Rupert recovery home

trinity house pic (4)

​The B.C. provincial government is creating 100 new publicly-funded beds in recovery homes across the province, and six of them are going to be in Prince Rupert.

The province will be providing $900,000 in funding to convert six beds at the 333 Trinity Men's Recovery House from private-pay to publicly-funded beds that people can access free of charge.

Trinity Men's support worker Luke Dufour says the funding is huge news for the recovery house.

"For the people in our community that can't afford treatment, it's already very difficult to get into treatment. Adding that extra barrier of having to pay for it , especially with some of the costs in the province, it's huge just to make it more accessible to people who really need it."

However, Dufour says that there still exists a lack of services for people who use substances or are seeking recovery from substances.

All of the nine beds at Trinity Men's Recovery House are now publicly funded, but Dufour says they've all been full since the start of the year -- and they have 19 people currently on their waitlist. 

"There's definitely a lack of services. Everybody knows that we're in an opioids crisis in this province and in this country. And even without opioids, I'm sure everybody in this community knows someone suffering with alcoholism or addiction. And even right now, we only have nine beds. There's no detox here, the closest detox is in Prince George. So it's very limited, it definitely exists and any little bit we can do to help means the world to a lot of people and their families."

In a press release, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice said that this funding from the province will make Trinity House's services more accessible, regardless of people's ability to pay.