Skeena Middle School teachers, staff reach out to students during COVID situation

Skeena Middle School school crawl
Classrooms have gone virtual across the province during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that's not stopping Skeena Middle School in Terrace from reaching out to its students....from a distance of at least two metres, of course.


The teachers wanted to keep the students' school enthusiasm going by hosting a drive-by School Crawl and Spirit Day today, starting at 1pm.

Grade 7 teacher Shelley Klassen says staff will be standing outside the school for about 45 minutes this afternoon, respecting social distancing rules, and waving to students and parents who want to cruise by.


"Many of us, hopefully, will wear Skeena Middle School gear or dress up as a Star Wars character. We are hoping the parents and students who drive by wear the same stuff," Klassen explained.


Since May the 4th is "Star Wars Day", Klassen says the costume theme was easy to choose.