Tahltan launch predator management in northwest BC

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The Tahltan Central Government has launched a predator management policy which encourages Tahltan members to harvest species such as black bears, grizzlies and wolves.
The policy requires members of the First Nation to follow Tahltan cultural practices when hunting -- and those provincial regulations which do not contradict Tahltan law or rights.


Central government president Chad Norman Day says there's been a steady decline in populations of ungulates, such as moose and caribou, and an alarming increase in human conflicts with bears and wolves.


Day says attempts to work collaboratively with the province to establish a co-management framework have failed, and the Tahltan have decided to take matters in their own hands and exercise their constitutionally-protected aboriginal hunting rights. 


The Tahltan are also maintaining their ban on non-essential travel within their traditional territories due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- a move that has angered hunting groups such as the B-C Wildlife Federation.