Teachers, but not students, prepare to return to school Monday

Janet Meyer Acting Supt  Mar26_2020_2sq
Full-scale classroom education will remain suspended next week -- and for the foreseeable future -- for BC students, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

School districts are considering a variety of online and traditional paper-and-pen learning systems, and many will adapt materials already in use by parents who home-school their kids.


Coast Mountains School District 82 has released a video communication from acting superintendent Janet Meyer, explaining that teachers in her district are to proceed to their schools for two hours on Monday afternoon, as they prepare for the new reality.


However, educational assistants and FIrst Nations support workers will remain at home, where they will receive direction from their principal or vice principal.


Clerical, I.T .and maintenance personnel will receive direction from their respective supervisors.  


Meyer says the school district has been working closely with the teachers union and CUPE, as well as the Ministries of Education and Health, to develop a unified approach to the crisis.


And she had a message for students:

"I want to remind you that any Grade 12 student who was on track for graduation prior to in-class instruction being suspended, and assuming they have completed their numeracy assessment, will graduate as scheduled in June 2020;  we are aware of the students in our district who were on track for graduation but have not yet written the numeracy assessment, and we will work together with you to ensure that you complete that assessment towards your successful graduation," she said in the video.


[School Dist 82 (Coast Mountains) Acting Superintendent Janet Meyer -- from video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reXfne8U9Ng] 
All other students in the system will receive a final letter-grade or indications of performance relating to their promotion to the next grade.


Meyer is also asking parents NOT to call the schools next week to request access to their children's belongings, saying those details will be worked out in the weeks ahead.


Other school districts in our region will be taking various measures to deal with the pandemic crisis
Parents and students are advised to check their school district's website for information.