Terrace council considers re-activating recreation spaces

Terrace City Hall Sign

As the province continues to implement its re-opening plan, local municipalities are dealing with specifics on what to open and what services can wait. Leisure services made a presentation to Terrace city council this week, outlining their recommendations to do just that. Lesuire Services Director Carmen Didier says there are eight recommendations, some of which are subject to COVID-19 orders and regulations and require a COVID-19 exposure control plan. There will also be additional sanitization of public spaces.

"To keep the indoor facilities, including the Sportsplex and the Terrace and District Aquatic Center closed to the public, with the exception of a few existing private rentals in the Sportsplex. Number two, to open playgrounds and outdoor gym and potentially the splash park. Open the basketball and volleyball pit for causal play use. Permit select outdoor facility rentals and bookings. We recommend that we permit summer activity programs for youth, it's recommended to permit the Saturday Farmers market with gradual progression and allow vendors that are in accordance with the BC farmers market guidelines and number eight we recommend planning to open to the public that would be the Terrace and District Aquatic Center and Sportsplex in September."

She says an internal review will be required when re-opening the Sportsplex and Aquatic Center safely.

"We look at what the allowable capacity is in those areas, possible closure of certain areas in the pool that would possibly be things like the sauna. Ensuring that when people are working out, that they are maintaining their physical distancing, so they may require removing equipment or shutting equipment down. We also have to look at all of our procedures, and we also have to retrain our existing staff. At the pool, that's more so lifeguarding, rule enforcement, and first aid and rescue techniques. For life-saving guidelines for re-opening pools is that we consider closing midday so that we can take an opportunity to disinfect all of the high touch areas. At the arena, we are going to have to do some training on how to disinfect our facilities and equipment."
Didier mentioned concerns about the budgetary impact that hiring additional staff would have and ensuring financial stability when running these facilities.