Terrace Peaks Competition

At Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club young athletes are learning valuable skills such as, team work, resiliency and discipline. This will come in handy when they travel to Hawaii to compete in the Aloha Gymfest competition this month from the 18th to 20th. I spoke to Program Coordinator Karl McPherson to discuss their first international competition.

"We've never really done anything internationally before so this is going to open up doors for our current athletes to think about potentially moving beyond just your provincial or nationals they might start having an Olympic dream. There will be about 300 athletes from 12 countries; this is the first time we are going to do it. So we will see when we come back if it's something we can continuously get kids to go to I think it's a fun meet for the kids."


For these young athletes, this event is a big first step in what many of them hope to be a long career and could potentially launch them into more international competitions. Everyone is practicing their routines and they are excited and ready to join the competition.

"I like challenges and even if it is scary it’s fun doing it because it gets me out of my mind set. To compete with other girls from different countries and getting the experience because we are from a smaller zone we don't get bigger experiences." said Savannah Medeiros, a nine year member at the club.


"We are going to Honolulu Hawaii and we are going next week on Wednesday. It's a new environment for us. I'm excited to compete with the Japanese and Australian and stuff. My goals are to go to Westerns and Nationals." explained Hayden Taylor

As the team makes their way to the sunny skies of Hawaii all of their supporters back home are ready to cheer them on! If you wish to make a donation or volunteer your time contact The Terrace Peaks at 250 638 0447.