Terrace's 3rd Annual Women’s March to remember MMIWG


The 3rd Annual Women’s March to remember and commemorate missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, took place last Friday in Terrace. Kermode Friendship Society Executive Director Cal Albright says they are working closely this year with the Terrace Women’s Resource Center. He expressed his excitement with work alongside another community agency.

"There are so many issues out there, there is issues every day. We know that families are grieving so I think on a day like today, hopefully our walk will be one that there are lots of people thinking of their loved ones. It’s important to continue the healing journey for some others, this maybe a start of a healing journey. So we hope that they will come to us. It’s one small step at a time and we will be here next year doing it again."

Medicine bags and flowers were passed out to participants before the march, to be placed at the totem pole outside the RCMP detachment.

"Whenever you do a cultural activity, we believe it strengthens everybody. There will be some songs that we're singing and we will be drumming. We have sage that will be drifting over the crowd and we believe those are medicines that help people thinking about these lost loved ones and the people at risk for doing this, that we will, in a good way, help them today. And then, when we come back to our friendship center, we made a room for up to 50 participants who would like to sit in a healing circle and we will be working with them."

Albright recounts the infamous highway of tears and the many women who disappeared along the route.

"We have the dubious distinction; Terrace does, living along the highway of tears. It’s really highway 16 from Prince George to Prince Rupert. Unfortunately, a lot of our sisters have gone missing on this route. There are a lot of little communities, a lot of little towns and for whatever reason, people are hitchhiking and that's very dangerous and that’s where they have gone missing. We hope that events like this will ensure our community understands what it is."

The Kermode Friendship Center is continuing to work on a number of projects and programs dedicated to the cause of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls.