The BCLC Incorporated a New "Game Sense" Advisor to Chances Casinos


The BCLC has recently incorporated a new "game sense" advisor to Chances Casinos in both Terrace and Prince Rupert. Their role is to help support players in making more informed choices about gambling as well as connecting them to available resources if they feel they need help. The advisor is also there to encourage responsible play.  Player Health Regional Team Leader, Happie Poonian says, in addition to the expanded game sense advisor presence, BCLC has also invested in new game sense information centers that will be available at the end of November.

“So with the center, it’s a place where patrons and customers can go see and check out the different resources and information that we have on all the different games and how gambling works, as well as, the game sense advisor being more of the face to face person who can be there to have conversations with patrons and give them information and education about gambling and the games also.”

Poonian says the more knowledge a customer has, the better off they will be.

“One of the things we really believe in is that an informed gambler is a healthy gambler. So the more information and as much transparency as we can give them of how the games work. That information will help them make better decisions whether they chose or chose not to gamble.”

He went on to explain what their data has indicated regarding the percentage of BC gamblers that may be at a higher risk for gambling addiction.

“From the research that we have, the average prevalence in British Columbia amongst adults is 3.3 percent of people who are deemed at high risk, so these are people who are dealing with problems with gambling, and about .7 percent are people who have a very high risk with gambling and dealing with problems of gambling.”

The BCLC feels that player health is a key strategic priority and game sense is the cornerstone for engaging and informing players, while removing the stigma that may be associated with accessing responsible and problem gambling resources.