The Birch Hill project was awarded to Tetratech Engineering

Birch Map

Consulting company Tetratech was digging down into Birch Hill today to find a solution to stop the earth from shifting underneath the access road up the hill. After cracks started surfacing in the asphalt in January, a portion of one lane and the walking path were closed.

They are commencing a site investigation of the road and slope today, which involves excavating test pits to assess the ground soils and confirm the repair approach. 

Next, Tetratech will design and then tender and manage the construction contract as part of the awarded contract. The end goal is to stabilize the hill and reinstate full road use. 

Birch Hill Avenue was closed from 9 am to 3 pm today to pedestrians and traffic while the site investigation occurred. The city was advising people to use Park Avenue to access the area during this closure.