The Terrace COVID-19 clinic vaccinated approximately 2,000 area residents.

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The Terrace Covid-19 vaccination clinic has been in operation for the last two weeks and has inoculated approximately 2,000 area residents with the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine.

Northern Health Community Services Manager Gillian McCutcheon says this number doesn't include long-term care homes, home support, assisted living and our first nation's reserve that were also vaccinated in February.

McCutcheon says the clinic is using every last dose, and there is currently no end date set for the clinic, but that will depend on the community's uptake.

The current forecast is for the clinic to end the week of May 24th, but this will be impacted by vaccine supply and provincial eligibility. Given the current progress, the health authority might end the clinic a week or two early.

“Right now, we are averaging about 300 to 350 people per day. That will increase as our vaccine supply increases. For example, at the end of April, we expect to process up to 600 people a day.”

Currently, in the Terrace area, any indigenous or metis persons over the age of 18 and citizens over the age of 70 can book their appointments. McCutcheon did confirm that the clinic will not be in operation over the long weekend.

“We are currently operating four days a week, and again, that's based on vaccine supply, so even if we were able to have a clinic this weekend, it's not guaranteed we would have vaccines, plus our hard-working nurses need a break with their families as well.”

McCutcheon mentions that volunteers are always appreciated to help with the high demand. The Terrace Health Unit's swabbing clinic will be open on Monday for four hours.