The Terrace Salvation Army's food bank is running low on donations

Salvation Army

Food Banks are an essential asset in any community, but what happens when the food runs out? That scenario is slated to become a reality for the Terrace Salvation Army. Lieutenant Rick Apperson says, with the stock of food they have now, they will only be able to keep the food bank in operation for one more week. Apperson attributes the increase in demand for food on the lack of essential items being available for purchase in stores.

"Our foodbank has gone up 150% overnight, We are looking at how we portion things and ration things so we can stretch that, but we reached out to grocers and not just even this town but out of town as well, and everybody is backed logged for feeding programs. Right now, there is a shortage of food banks and community programs that feed people. We are asking if people do have extra to donate any canned goods is a really major thing that we need canned goods."

He says the only services that are currently operating are the food bank, food share and brunch programs. The services might still be up and running, but the process and procedures were altered for safety.

"With our feeding program, we had to stop the bread program because we no longer have access to lose bread and buns. We are asking people with the food bank, food sharing and brunch program to maintain the social distancing. Our foodbank we are only letting one person in at a time, and we will have the bag set there for them; they can pick that up. The same thing for our brunch and food share, the packages of food are being made in advance and being set on a table so that when people come in, they just grab the bag and go. All of our staff are wearing gloves and masks as we distribute those items. This week we had tape and lines on the ground, so people knew how far to stay as they are waiting for the food."

As the Salvation Army seeks donations to maintain their assistance to the community, Lieutenant Apperson wants to make sure everyone knows the operating hours of each program and the donation protocols.

"The first and third week of each month is our food bank, and that's 9:30 to 1:30, and we are asking people to call the Salvation Army and leave a message to make an appointment for that instead of just showing up. Also, our food share is Wednesday and Saturdays at one o'clock, and our brunch program is Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am to 10:30 am."

The Salvation Army will continue to try and provide its community support and is seeking donations to fill that gap.