There is plenty of competition in the upcoming Kitsumkalum band election.

Kitsumkalum Candidates

Kitsumkalum Chief Councillor Don Roberts will have several challengers for his role as chief of the Kitsumkalum First Nation. There are five candidates that have had their hat thrown in the ring, vying for chief. Nicole Halbauer, who recently and unsuccessfully ran for the MLA seat for Skeena in last fall's provincial election, is one of those challenges.

Other candidates include James Cooley, Janice Robinson and Troy Sam, all of whom have been nominated for the top job in the February 24th election. There are seven councillor seats available in the election, with 22 people battling it out. 

Kitsumkalem election rules allow candidates to seek election to more than one seat. Sam, an incumbent councillor, runs again with six other incumbents, including Wayne Bolton, Cynthia Bohn, Aaron Homer, Kenneth Brown, Lisa, and Kathy Welsley. 

Other candidates, rounding out the slate, include Charlene Webb, Marcel Robinson, Jeanette & Herbert Spalding, Matthew Bartlett, Warren Bolton, Christina Sam-Stanley, Neil Okabe, Heather & James Bohn, William Christensen Michelle Horner, William Osborne and Armin Musterer. 

The candidates were nominated January 13th and must decide whether to remain on the ballot or withdraw by January 17th.