Three storms expected to hit Haida Gwaii and North Coast

Three storms

Haida Gwaii and the North Coast have been hit hard by a series of storms this week, and three more storms are about to hit the area. 

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada Armel Castellan said residents of Haida Gwaii can expect to see winds at speeds around 80-90 kilometres per hour, and it's possible they could go even into the triple digits. 

“It’s almost hard to keep track of right now because it’s just one pacific slam after the next. You could really just refer to the past three to four weeks as just a parade of storms. 

"Lately they’ve come in quick succession and that’s actually what we’re going to see. We’ve got one tapering off today, a little bit of a break this afternoon and then picking right up overnight with gusts to 90 kilometres an hour from the southeast. So a really rigorous system through again, tapering off and then seeing another one on Saturday.”

Haida Gwaii was particularly hit hard by a storm on Tuesday, causing many power outages and muliple downed trees. Castellan said that at one point, winds reached 136 kilometres an hour in Sandspit.

Jen Bailey lives in Port Clements and witnessed the storm firsthand.

"So the storm went out in the morning and we had a couple power outages, and then the power went out completely at 6 pm and we didn’t get power until roughly 10 p.m. last night. So 16 hours without power. There’s another community on the island called Tlell and they didn’t get power until the next day. 

"Even driving up and down the highway there were just trees everywhere. I think they had to close the highway at some point because there had big timbers down on the road. We were talking to hydro crews and hydro crews told us there were 67 spots were trees were on the lines or impacting the lines. So that’s a lot with one storm."

Bailey added that as a resident of Haida Gwaii, she's used to storms and isn't worried about the upcoming weather