Nisga'a Citizens heads to the polls tonight


The Northwest has seen a provincal election, a presidential election just south of the border and today members of the Nisga'a Nation will mark their ballots to select their representatives for the Nisga'a Lisims Governmentt- all within a week and a half. 

Five candidates are seeking the top office of President, with four challengers looking to take the place of incumbent Eva Clayton.

Other offices that are up for voting today as well, include Secretary Treasurer and Chairperson for council of Elders, as well as local office positions for the villages that make up the Nisga'a Nation.

Voters on the North Coast will head to the voting booth to select the Nisga'a Urban representatives for Prince Rupert and Port Edward, with three candidates seeking the two available spots, two incumbents in Cliff Morgan and Juanita Parnell and challenger Farley Stewart.

Voting is in person and electronic and is open until 8PM tonight