Local Comedian Brings the ‘Stand’ back to Stand-Up Comedy!


We could all use a few more laughs these days and Vancouverite Tanya Horne is doing what she can to help. She has taken it upon herself to spread joy in her community by opening up a ‘Sit Down’ comedy stand. Think of a ‘Lemonade Stand’ but instead of lemonade, Tanya serves up laughter and joy to the community!


Hit play to see Tanya Horne’s story on CTV Vancouver!


Despite her difficult struggles with mental illness, Horne decided to channel her energy into something positive for the community. The comedian is also part of the group, Hilarapy, which aims to use comedy as a therapeutic tool for those with mental illnesses. 



The ‘Sit Down Stand-Up Comedy Stand’ is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1:30pm on the corner of 5th and Nanaimo. Stop by for some much-needed laughter! And for your daily dose of comedy on the go, tune into Funny 1040AM!



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