30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday: Part 9/10/11


Hey friend! It’s a beautiful Thursday to share some life lessons I’ve learnt with you. So here’s part 9/10 and 11 of the 30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday!

Let’s kick it off with number 9!

Do one thing every day that makes you happy. Write a list of things down that makes you happy and do at least one of those things off that list that makes you happy every single day. I swear it will help you fill your cup and contribute to your overall happiness because you’re doing something for your own self every day.

10.  Meditate. I know it sounds weird and corny but start your morning with a ten minute meditation. Try and make the time in the morning, it’s only ten minutes but it’ll change your perspective and thinking for the day. You’ll feel more refreshed and have gratitude. And if you have a crappy part of your day you can always go back to the meditation to find the peace you had in that moment and ground yourself that way. Meditate.

11. Boundaries are a GOOD THING. I think we’ve been made to think or feel that we shouldn’t create boundaries or draw lines in the sand because maybe past generations told us not to or maybe our parents didn’t know how. Whatever the case may be, that ain’t it. Boundaries are good and healthy and so important. Don’t be afraid to create them. And if someone doesn’t like or respect your boundaries then maybe they’re the kind of relationship you had in your life that benefitted from you not having any and I’ll tell you that for FREE.