A Boy From Calgary Is Helping Combat Food Insecurity!


YYC! If there is anything I think we’re great at it is coming together as a community and really working towards the common goal of making a difference. When we find out some members of our community need help we are the first ones to ask “what do they need?” or “what can we do to help?” Hayden McManes did just that and went beyond to create an initiative called Why Not Help! Hayden created Why Not Help! off the heels of a school project. He had to find an issue, research it and then take action. Hayden came up with the issue of how COVID-19 has impacted the Calgary Food Bank and decided to he wanted to help the people of Calgary who don’t necessarily have steady food security.

What Hayden is doing is really remarkable, he is going to purchase and deliver food packages to the Calgary Food Bank on your behalf and even send you a picture of your package once it’s delivered. I read something on Hayden’s website that really stuck out…”People that cannot afford food can have major health concerns, not just reasons of starving. People can become sick eating from the garbage, by the large amounts of bacteria in the rotten food! People can develop mental health issues too, because they get into life threatening habits.” I don’t know about you but I think most of us forget that not only are people who don’t have food security starving a lot of the times, but they are also not getting the proper nutrients they need as well as quite possibly having rotten food.

Honestly this is a really great initiative to help Calgarians especially because 1 in 7 of us deal with food insecurity. So YYC I know by this point you’re probably like “how do I help?” right here friend, just click the link and donate today because…Why Not Help!