A Woman a Day YYC Recap Week of March 29th

Woman A Day Recap

A Woman a Day YYC is an Instagram Account Danaye launched two years ago on international Women’s Day as a way of hightlihgting a different Calgary Woman every single day. Calgary is so full of incredibly gift women and Danaye is honoured to be able to give one woman a chance to share her story daily.

Here are the women who were featured this week:

Sylvia Ulatowski is a registered provisional psychologist. Over the past 8 years, she’s worked with Calgary’s most vulnerable children, youth and adults at Hull Services, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter and the Alex Youth Health Centre. Sylvia has now started her own practice, Unfold Psych, and has space to see 5 clients at a reduced fee of $100.00 an hour.


Jenna Berry is the creator of Calgary Crayons, featuring unique designs of handmade, non-toxic crayons for kids. Jenna loves experimenting and creating beautiful new colours and shapes! The shop also recently became an official fundraising partner of Kids Help Phone. Jenna is passionate about supporting the mental health of kids and parents alike through her work as a professional therapist. A graduate of the clinical specialization of the Master of Social Work program, she is currently developing a new practice. Fireweed Counselling will focus on perinatal, maternal, and early childhood clients. 

Leah Sigurdson is a mom to two beautiful sons and she homeschools her youngest. She has a communications background with 20 years’ experience in the field; however, two years ago she took a leap of faith and launched Sundarata Naturals, a pure and all natural skincare company based in Calgary. Leah’s passion for healthy toxin-free all natural skincare comes from aligning herself closer with nature to heal the body. She is passionate about healthy living, and deeply appreciates all of nature’s healing and miraculous gifts. 

Salima Stanley-Bhanji is the CEO of @humainologie - a Canadian non-for-profit that aims to spread empathy and increase inclusion through storytelling and learning. Most recently, Salima has launched The Period Project, created to address menstrual inequity and period poverty in Calgary. A third of people under the age of 25 in Canada who have periods cannot afford menstrual products. Menstrual inequity and period poverty occur when people are unable to access or afford essential menstrual products. 

Maria del Sol Galdon is the co-founder of Planta Landscape. Together with her brother, they have grown the family business and are so devoted to each and every project they take on. Maria is incredibly successful in her design career, winning a scholarship to do an exchange at the top programmed for design in the Netherlands and well as winning the top graduate award for her master’s thesis and research. She has collaborated on many award winning projects and was elected Designer of the Year for Western Living Magazine for 2019. 


Carla Diaz Silva is the creator and founder of Carlita Show and director of Raices del Peru. Carlita Show offers professional kids party entertainment for kids of all ages. They pride themselves in having the highest quality costumes to create the most authentic entertainment possible. Proudly located in Calgary, serving all surrounding areas, they offer a large selection of mascots and fairy tale characters, from princesses to mascots to super heroes and holiday characters like the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. Carla moved to Calgary from Peru on her own 6 years ago.