An Audio Recording Of Bigfoot!


Anytime someone captures a photo of “Bigfoot” it’s always blurry and there is no way to tell what the hell is actually in the photo.

Now here's the audio equivalent of that . . .

A woman in Ohio who calls herself a “Bigfoot Enthusiast”  thinks she captured the howls or possible mating call of Bigfoot using a recorder she has constantly running in her backyard.

She became obsessed with Bigfoot after she clamed she saw him walk across a road in 2013 and has been searching for him ever since.

So she captures the sound below on recording and it for sure sounds like something howling, some wild life experts think it could be a male coyote calling out to its pack.

Bigfoot enthusiasts refute that this could be a coyote and definitely think its Bigfoot!

I hope it’s Bigfoot…life would be so much cooler with a Bigfoot or two running around.