Ben Affleck looked MISERABLE at the Grammys and J-Lo wasn't having it!


It was music's biggest night and there were a lot of wonderful Grammy moments! Lizzo being the always Inspiring Lizzo, Harry Styles performing As it Was and Byeonce becoming the most Grammy Awarded person of all time! But then there was poor Ben Affleck, looking like he would have rather been anywhere but the Grammy Awards! 

The Camera Crew quickly discovered that they were getting gold from him and panned to him A LOT.

Here he is absolutely not enjoying legend Stevie Wonder's performance of Higher Ground:



Here he is looking like someone just told him his dog died:



And here he is having J-Lo presumably tell him to pull it together:



Hey, we've all been there, Ben! Some of us are just better at hiding our misery! 



Some other Amazing Grammy Moments: