Calgary Is Getting The BIGGEST Outdoor Halloween Event This Fall!

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Hey friend! I know we still have 21 days until summer is officially over but if you’re anything like me you were getting ready for spooky season like 5 months ago. There’s just something about the costumes, pumpkins, decorations and hype of the holiday that gets you so excited. Especially all the creepy, eerie and spooky events that go on, inclusive of a new one that’s hitting YYC this fall and babe if you like pumpkins this ones for you! Now you may be no Jack Skellington “The Pumpkin King” BUT if you even come close you’re going to be so elated to hear about this new outdoor Halloween event that originated in Ontario but is coming to Calgary. It's called Pumpkins After Dark and it has over 6,000 hand carved pumpkins and is going to be the largest outdoor Halloween event in Canada! There is going to be walkthroughs for this amazing event where you can scope the pumpkins in all their glory which will take you about 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re keen to go I’d hop on the tickets sooner than later because early bird tickets are about $20 with the code ‘Earlybird.’ OH! Ps if you go make sure you bring a PSL with you, it only seems right ;)