Calgary RCMP officer forced to resign over texts sent to teenage lacrosse player

Const. Daniel Martin was forced to resign by the RCMP due to concerning texts he sent a 16-year-old girl he coached in lacrosse

An RCMP officer has been forced to resign over texts he sent in 2019 to a 16-year-old girl he coached in a Rocky View lacrosse league.

RCMP Const. Dan Martin, 42, was found guilty on Wednesday of discreditable conduct under the RCMP Act for concerning texts he sent in 2019.

Martin originally registered to coach lacrosse in 2016.

According to John Kilbride, the director of marketing and interim president for the Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA), Martin was a parent coach.

Kilbride said that Martin coached in the Rocky View Lacrosse Association a team of 16-year-and under players, along with the mother of the victim, in a co-coaching role known as the Rule of Two, which he explained is to ensure that no player is ever left alone with an adult.

When the mother became aware of the texts, she expressed concern to the president of the ALA that they were intended to groom her daughter.

Kilbride who just took over seven months ago, said the then-president of the ALA was made aware of the texts during a major Canada Day lacrosse tournament, at which point Martin was suspended the same day.

The parents were then encouraged to file a formal report with the RCMP which they did.

"When the Alberta RCMP were made aware of the situation, we immediately initiated an internal process that led to a conduct hearing where allegations of Discreditable Conduct (Sec. 7.1, RCMP Act) were established against Const. Daniel Martin," said K Division RCMP Media Manager Fraser Logan, in an email to CTV News.

Martin has 14 days to appeal the decision.

"As we are now within an appeal period, it would be inappropriate for the Alberta RCMP to comment further."

It wasn't clear whether the relationship between Martin and the lacrosse player extended beyond the texts.

Kilbride said his reaction to learning of the incident was that "I was mortified, disgusted and saddened.

"Our of our core principles is we're supposed to be protecting, nurturing both mentally and physically the athletes in our charge and this is a violation of the worst degree to creep into this world and then just committing the most egregious breaks of trust you can imagine."

"It's really kind of our worst nightmare."

Asked whether she continued to play lacrosse, Gilbride said, "We are not sure but if she is still playing she would be in Major Women’s lacrosse now (17 and older). This age group has been running very little programming during our COVID return-to-play so it is likely the victim has not played since 2019. Note that I nor our executive director know who the victim is as we have tried our best to maintain the family's privacy and at this time, we do not likely need to know their names. "

No criminal charges have been filed.