Danaye's Daily Dose for February 18th, 2021


The province has announced more support for businesses in Alberta. Jason Kenney revealed that businesses will soon be able to apply for help up to $10,000 to help them with new costs associated with the pandemic, like cleaning and PPE, as well as help support businesses that have had to close due to health restrictions. Businesses must prove that their revenue has been down a minimum percentage and can start applying for the benefit starting in April.



An Airdrie couple has been fined for going out shopping after getting a positive COVID test. The couple will have to pay over 2000 dollars after pleading guilty to violating an order by the province’s chief medical officer. The couple got a positive test in November, but still took their four children to the Costco by Cross Iron Mills and a Walmart while they should have been isolating. The couple was busted after the woman posted to Facebook that she had tested positive but would still be going to Costco. YIKES.



Shawn Mendes has shocked fans and has cut his long luxurious locks! He’s been letting it flow, but decided to go back to a short do.  Fans have decided they are down with the look and some even tweeted that his new cut will help the world heal! HA!




Demi Lovato is opening up about her struggles with addiction in the trailer for an upcoming Youtube Documentary. It is terrifying to hear how close she was to not being here to share her story with us.


A goldfish who was having a tough time floating upright has been given a second chance at life. His owners noticed he could only swim upside down and so they reached out a woman who runs a Garden Sanctuary in the UK town they live in. The woman couldn’t bare to turn the family away and think of the fish suffering, so she got creative and made a life jacket out of tiny tubes used for air conditioning. The life jacket keeps the fish upright and he’s been doing much better since.