Danaye's Daily Dose for February 19th, 2021


Now that the weather is warming up, we can actually fathom the thought that spring and summer are on the way. The province has announced that booking for Provincial Campgrounds will open up MARCH 4th and you’ll be able to book 90 days before your trip. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a site without camping last year with everyone sticking around the province for the summer, so you’ll want to make those plans and get on that the second reservations open up!



A big day for space exploration! NASA’s Perseverance Rover has landed on Mars successfully, where it will continue the hunt for evidence of life existing on the planet. An Alberta man from the U of A in Edmonton is actually on the team of scientists guiding the mission and will help the rover decide when to stop to grab samples from Mars’ soil which they hope will reveal fossils of once living things! SO COOL! 


The new episode of WandaVision is out on Disney Plus and as it parodies the biggest sitcoms in history, today’s episode pays tribute to one of the greatest shows from the last few years: Modern Family! We know that Wanda will channel Claire Dunphy, can Vision hold a candle to Phil?! Also, beware on social media today if you haven't watched it yet as there are a TON of spoilers online. 


DEAR READER: THE DUKE IS IN! Rege-Jean Page, who plays the Duke of Hastings on Bridgerton will be hosting SNL TOMORROW NIGHT! He’s already captured our hearts…yes, we’ll go with HEARTS... but are we going to be able to handle is he is funny TOO!?! Could be overload! For him to be incredibly good looking, charming AND funny would not only be unfair to the rest of us creatures, but I also don't think we'll be able to cope. Bad Bunny is the musical guest.



Based on this promo, we'll be okay...but prepare yourself just in case!