Danaye's Daily Dose for Thursday, April 22nd


The province passed a law late last night that allows for workers to receive three hours of paid leave so they can get the COVID-19 vaccine without losing wages. Alberta workers cannot be fired or disciplined for using the paid leave and it can be used twice for those accessing the two-dose vaccines.




Instagram is taking steps to cut down on cyber bullying and hate speech. They’re launching a new feature that will allow you from blocking specific words from showing up in your message requests. The filter will be found in privacy settings, and will allow people to include words, phrases and emojis that they want to block or avoid receiving in their message requests, which is how someone who’s not following you or you’re not following gets in touch. It’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.




A Spin off to How I met Your Mother is going to begin streaming soon. How I Met Your Father will star Hilary Duff and will stream on Hulu. It doesn’t look like it will feature the follow ups to any of the characters from the original show, but will be a similar plot with Duff telling her son how she met his father, while her story centres on her and a group of close friends navigating the dating world.




Today is Earth Day! There are so many incredible organizations that are great resources if you’re looking for ways to help the environment! I’ll share a few of my favourites below, but first:

3 EASY Ways You Can help the Environment TODAY!

Turn off your Camera for your next Zoom Call. Sounds kind of silly and almost TOO easy, but turning your camera off for a few video meetings every now and then adds up to big energy savings! If you tell 10 friends or co-workers to shut their camera off for one hour long meeting a week, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions by 15 lbs per month. If one million Zoom users did this, they’d save the same amount of energy used by a coal power plant used by a city of 36,000 in a month! WHOA. Plus, how sweet would one less meeting on video be?!



SKIP YOUR SHOWER! As if you needed any more encouragement to rock a messy bun and dry shampoo today?! The average 5 minute shower uses 100 Litres of water. Deciding to skip that today could also score you a sweet gift pack from Coors Seltzer! They just launched the easiest volunteer program ever. All you have to do is head to their Instagram, pledge your participation by sharing a Coors Seltzer volunteer pledge post on your story tagging the brand and using #CoorsSeltzerVolunteer, and you’ll receive a Coors Seltzer gift to cheers with for your hard work! Coors Seltzer has partnered with Change the Course to help restore 1000 Litres of water with every 12 pack purchased.



GO THRIFTING! The Fast Fashion Industry is one of the most unsuspecting contributors to the pollution of the earth, especially when it comes to using water. Ready to have your mind blown? It takes 2700 litres of water to make ONE T-SHIRT. Think of how many litres of water you have sitting in your closet or dresser right now. Choosing to go Thrift Shopping is saving items from ending up in the landfill while also not contributing to that water wastage. There are also incredible slow fashion brands right in Calgary who are using ethically sourced materials to create clothing right here, which of course also cuts down on the energy used to transport things! Check out these local organizations for more education!




And last but not least, check out this amazing organization based here in Calgary with incredible tips on how you can reduce your plastic use! They are also hosting a city clean up starting today!