Danaye's Daily Dose for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021


Restrictions on fitness have been lifted as the province moves towards a slow reopening. Jason Kenney announced that gyms will now allow “low-intensity” individual work outs like weight lifting by appointment only and again, “low-intensity” group classes like barre and climbing. Higher intensity fitness with a focus on cardio are still restricted to one on one training. It’s all pretty confusing and a lot of gym owners say the distinction between low and high intensity will be tough to navigate, but they’re just happy to have some kind of move towards operating their businesses again.

Libraries will also be allowed to reopen with 15% capacity. Businesses like hotels and retail shops will not see any change to their restrictions just yet, the province again reiterating that they need to take a cautious approach as positivity rate is increasing again and more variants are being discovered.

All the details were laid out during Premiere Kenney’s Press Conference yesterday:



The Women Tell All Episode of The Bachelor aired last night and it featured a lot of women owning up to their terrible actions on the show…with “Queen” Victoria still making excuses for her terrible behaviour, which she never really had to answer for. In a disappointing turn of events, it was actually Katie who got called out by a lot of the other girls during the episode, even though she was the one who stood up against the bullying and toxicity in the house.

Since there wasn’t really any major drama between the girls and Matt the Bachelor himself, that part of the show was pretty peaceful, although the women did all call him out for kissing with is eyes open!!

A decent recap of the whole thing here:


Jonah Hill hit back at body shamers and called out the media for blowing up his insecurities in his younger days. He posted a shot from a tabloid featuring him with his shirt off and in a wetsuit surfing with a caption that admits he didn’t take his shirt off at the pool until he was in his 30’s, but now at 37, feels amazing that the paparazzi can stalk him at the beach and it doesn’t phase him. He added that the post wasn’t for sympathy, saying “It’s for the thekids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool. Have fun. You’re wonderful and awesome and perfect. All my love.”


Seth Rogen announced that the weed business he’s been working on for the last decade is ready to be launched. It’s called House Plant and it’ll feature strains that, surprise surprise, he has tested and approved and created himself! The products come in fancy tin cans and he’s also got a line accessories like table lighters and vinyl mixes he says are perfect for smoking to.