Danaye's Daily Dose for Wednesday, April 7th

Baby Nenshi

Alberta is under new health restrictions as COVID variants are rising out of control. As of today, fitness is restricted to one on one personal training, libraries will close, hotels must close their pools and group performances must be put on hold. Retail shops will also scale their capacity back to 15%. Starting Friday, restaurants, pubs and cafes will no longer be allowed to host indoor dining, but they will be allowed to have people on their patios.

There are also changes coming to the vaccine roll out. Starting today, anyone over the age of 16 with an underlying health condition, will be able to book a vaccine and people over 55 without a health condition will be able to book the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Our friends at CTV have done such a great job of breaking down all of this info.




Mayor Nenshi has announced that he will NOT being seeking re-election this fall. He posted a video to his Twitter page looking back on the last 11 years, celebrating the successes and challenges he’s faced along with Calgary. After winning the last three straight elections, he’ll be stepping aside and someone new will be elected mayor this October! 




I moved to Calgary in 2011, so I wasn't here during the first election, so I did some reading last night on what it was like when he won in 2010! If you're like me and didn't know why Nenshi's colour is purple, read that his campaign was called The Purple Revolution because purple is a mix of red and blue...the liberal and conservative colours. Nenshi wanted to show he could appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. His first win was also one of the very first successful campaigns bolsterd by Social Media and while he trailed in the polls by 34% in the weeks leading up to the vote, thanks to a ton of social media and huge rally held at city hall the night before, he ended up winning by 40% of the vote! 

Nenshi spent some time on Facebook Live answering questions yesterday.


Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire. Last fall she was worth 780 million, but thanks to her KKW Beauty and Skims businesses, she’s now crossed the Billion Dollar threshold. For someone who’s career got launched by a reality show ( we won’t mention the, um, “reality adult video”), that’s pretty impressive. Said show, Keeping up with the Kardashians is in it’s 20th and final season and will wrap up this spring.



Lil Nas X is officially NOT a One Hit Wonder! His latest song Montero has officially hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart! The video and song are definitely more controversial than Old Town Road is, but it's helped push him up to the top!