Danaye's Daily Dose for Wednesday, June 16th


Alberta’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer revealed yesterday that we are incredibly close to hitting that 70% mark of the population to have received it’s first dose of the vaccine. With Dr Hinshaw off for vacation this week, Dr Andre Corriveau says we have hit 69.4% of eligible people having their first shot. When we hit 70, two weeks later, all restrictions will be lifted. 127 new COVID cases were announced yesterday.



After months of asking Calgarians and other Albertans to stay away, Banff is opening it’s doors again and welcoming visitors back with open arms. The Mayor says Banff is now in a safe position to bring in tourists to its hotels, restaurants and streets. A month ago cases were soaring but now the 85% of the town’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.



The world’s most Influential Celebrities on social media have been revealed. They create trends and are heavyweights in terms of impact thanks to their massive reach on social networks. These are the Top 10 Most Followed celebrities:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 517M - Instagram



2. Justin Bieber - 455M - Instagram



3. Ariana Grande - 429M - Instagram



4. Selena Gomez - 425M - Instagram

5. Taylor Swift - 361M - Instagram

6. Dwayne Johnson - 342M - Instagram

7. Katy Perry - 338M - Instagram

8. Kylie Jenner - 333M - Instagram

9. Rihanna - 332M - Twitter

10. Kim Kardashian - 319M - Instagram

Remember Gorilla Glue Girl? She used gorilla glue to hold her pony tail down and it got stuck so bad that she had to have it surgically removed. Tessica Brown is her name and she is now coming out with her own line of haircare products that will…checks notes… holds a ponytail down like glue, but without the nightmare side effects.   She's launching "Forever Hair," that will feature hairspray for $14, sleek edge control for $13, and hair growth drops for $18.