Danaye's Daily Dose: Paul Rudd Named Sexiest Man Alive!


Paul Rudd has been named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine! EVERYONE has a crush on Paul Rudd, right?! And if you have someone in your life who questions this choice, you should most definitely question your choice to be friends with them! HA! He’s had a massive few years, going from everybody’s favourite boyfriend, to funny sidekick to now leading super hero! Rudd says he couldn’t believe when the email came in letting him know and is of course laughing about the whole thing. He does say he’ll be having the new title printed on business cards.

Justin Bieber’s Tim Horton’s Collaboration has been revealed! He’s launching three new Timbits with his favourite coffee shop! chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle are the new flavours that will be available on November 29th.

Have you seen the thing on social media going around saying that if you post a photo of a dog, they’ll plant a tree?? You may have been wondering who was behind that! It’s a company called plant a tree co that launched the idea earlier in the week…before realizing how quickly it was going to take off and realizing they can’t afford to plant…4.1 million trees! They were jumping on a new Instagram feature called Add Yours and when they saw how many people were getting on board they removed their name, but the train was already rolling. Too funny!

The creator of one of the biggest shows of all time says there will be a second season. Hwang Dong-hyuk created Squid Games and says the story will live on! And he’d be really silly to keep Netflix’s most successful show as a one off- the show cost $20 Million to make and has made nearly $1 Billion Dollars!