Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Launched A Clean & Healthy Energy Drink Today Called ZOA!


I don’t think there’s many people that don’t love the Rock; I mean what has this guy NOT done?? Wrestling? Check football player? Check (waddup Calgary stampeders!!) Acting? Check constantly making fun of Kevin Hart> check fitness guru? Check he’s a rags to riches story and he’s always super humble and just generally awesome well guess what his new venture is…well If you read this blog title you will know…

HE JUST LAUNCHED HIS OWN ENERGY DRINK!!!! Honestly what a genius, when a person like the rock who is the epitome of fitness launches something like this THE SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY when most people are trying to better themselves (not me, New Year same me lol 2020 was rough pal) so this is kind of cool!

He made the announcement on his social media today (which if you don’t follow him, honestly I’d 10/10 recommend you do, he’s always posting something good whether it’s funny, inspirational, interesting or him just being his awesome self, it usually always brings a smile to my face! 


In a media release a Molson Coors rep said "Each 16-ounce can of ZOA boasts a clean blend of green tea and green unroasted coffee, added electrolytes and amino acids, as well as carefully selected superfoods like turmeric, camu camu and acerola while avoiding any preservatives, artificial ingredients or additives,"

Not exactly sure when this will be released but do you remember last year when he announced his own tequila?? well it broke sales records around the globe so I'm sure this new venture won't be anything short of amazing!