A Radio Hosts Open Letter: I Forgot How Much I LOVE To Dance!


I forgot how much I LOVE to dance. Can you believe that? A person FORGETTING how much they love to do something? I think we have that happen in moments of entangling our emotions, thoughts and feelings with others. Sometimes we take on so much of what isn’t ours that we forget what WE love to do. Last night I went for a walk to 17th to grab a blizzard and then head back home. But the summer air against my face and my favorite music pumping out my headphones had a different plan.  After about 2 hours of “dance-walking” (yes, we are making that a term now if it isn’t already) I made it back to my house. But man…did that FEEL good. I literally cannot describe to you the emotionI felt  just walking down the street, not giving a single F about what people thought or said but just feeling the music, blizzard in hand dancing as the sun set to Dua Lipa’s “Cool.” Damn. I felt cool. Because for the first time in a long time I was doing something that made me feel truly happy without the fear of judgement from others. I let myself get lost in my headphones, didn’t care who was watching or what anyone was thinking and just let myself be happy pretending my life was a musical. And did I jump off of some cement blocks at times and click my heels? You bet your bottom dollar. My point is, do some ish that makes YOU feel good, boo. Dancing in the street or whatever your jam. Just don’t forget what you love. Cause at the end of the day, those are the things that make you remember you’re alive.  


All the love,

Kylee Roman