We Support Pink Flamingo


Hey YYC! I just wanted to chat with you for a second because there is a lot going on in our city right now that makes me sad, hurt, disappointed and quite frankly mad. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to get in the know. Among some of the more recent homophobic and racially driven attacks in the city there is now a Black owned company that is the target of hate speech and violent threats. Pink Flamingo is a company that had city council approval to put $120,000 from its public art reserve towards a new mural project which would give QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) a chance to have their work showcased in our city. I use the word our because it implies EVERYONE. Everyone’s voice should get the chance to be amplified, heard and showcased. This was going to be a really rad project because not only does art play an important role in YYC culture but this was also going to give marginalized and oppressed groups a chance to have their voices amplified. The first piece in this mural project was going to replace a mural in the city that is over 25 years old. Because the original mural was going to be replaced, Pink Flamingo had spoken to the original artist who gave approval to have their project replace the original piece, “Giving Wings to the Dream.” It is now a few weeks since the approval for the mural project and some disappointing, disgusting and hateful speech has been spewed towards this project, the Black community and the members of Pink Flamingo. They have received violent and racist threats as well as people have found their personal contact information and have harassed and threatened them there. YYC we need to do better. I am not sitting here telling you to feel some type of way about the mural project or change your view on it. You are allowed your opinion. HOWEVER we cannot, should not and do not tolerate violence and threats. The fact that this project was designed to lift up members of the QTBIPOC community, to uplift the people of Calgary and give them a voice then having the actions and words of a select few prove that QTBIPOC voices NEED to be amplified is so telling. We stand with Pink Flamingo. YYC we need to do better.