You Can Now Add Your Pronouns To Your Instagram!


A big YES for Instagram just came down the pipe. There are tons of apps that are now allowing you to add your pronouns to your bios and write ups and honestly, if they don’t have the option I’d even recommend putting them in your bio anyways. Did you know that you can now officially add your pronouns on your profile for Instagram! This new feature is available in a few countries now and honestly has to be one of the best features Instagram has rolled out to date. All you have to do is go to the edit button on your profile and it will be right under your "username." From there you can choose your pronouns from a list that's already been currated and then you just click and save and you're on your way!

 It makes it so much easier to address people by their correct pronouns. As someone who is also a part of the LGBTQ2S+ community I have to say that it also really assists in making people feel safe, heard and valid. Let me explain… pronouns are something that can make queer folks feel seen, included and respected. If someone is using incorrect pronouns for a person it can sometimes cause dysphoria, alienation and honestly a feeling of not belonging. And to be completely blunt, using someone’s proper pronouns saves lives.  It is such a simple and easy shift to make sure you are using someone’s correct pronouns that it’s basically a no brainer, why wouldn’t you? It’s also a really inclusive and awesome thing to do, even with something as simple as adding your pronouns to your email signature. Now I want to stress that I’m not in the game of telling you what to do by any means but I do want to let you know that being able to put pronouns in an Instagram bio or anywhere else is a really great and amazing step of inclusivity, feeling of belonging and validation for so many people. So that being said, if you want to add your pronouns to your bio on Instagram, COOL! Very here for it! If not, that’s okay too and your decision is respected, just like it’s also awesome to respect those people who do choose to do it.


Happy Gramming, folks!