Free Burgers For Health Care Workers!


It’s been a really hard year, especially financially for most of us so that’s why it’s a fantastic reason to take the wins where we can. Inclusive of saving dollars using coupons or keeping our eyes peeled for free goods, it all adds up, which is why I want to let you know about this awesome buy one get one free deal that one of your favorite coffee shops  has going on right now. Starbucks is offering you a buy one get one free deal for any handcrafted beverage that is at least a grande that you can use in store or at the drive-thru so you don’t even have to get out of your car in this disgustingly cold weather to warm up a little, YYC! It’s going on from February 16th-22nd and the sooner you cash in on this the better because well…free Starbs!

Now off the heels of great deals, Calgary…our font line workers who are always giving it their all, especially during COVID have been going nonstop and working tirelessly so to thank these incredible humans Stephen Ave. Warehouse is offering health care professionals and first responders free burgers for life every Monday all you have to do is bring your ID and eat the burger in house. One of the perks of this is that you even get to choose the kind of burger you want; it isn’t even a mandatory you have to have one specific type of burger situation-score!

So YYC here’s a couple deals going on right now around town that you can share with your pals and pass on. Hopefully they help give you a little financial relief as well as allow you to treat yourself some type of way because at the end of the day we should all be able to enjoy that!