‘HIMYM’ Sequel Series ‘How I Met Your Father’ is Coming and will Star Hilary Duff

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Honestly, it’s hard to not throw the “this is what dreams are made of” joke in every single time I hear about Hilary Duff doing anything, so sorry if you’re sick of it (I’m not actually sorry).

Either way, this is extremely sad news. We were all super bummed when Lizzie McGuire (the hit Disney series from the early 2000’s starring Hilary Duff) was set to make a comeback and then didn’t due to some problems behind the scenes. I feel like we’ve only just started to recover from the disappointing blow that that loss caused for all of us… but today, we get to feel better with some immediate relief from Mrs. Hilary Duff herself.



She took to Instagram today to announce that she’s been cast in the sequel series for “How I Met Your Mother”! The series is going to be called “How I Met Your Father” and it’s set to air on Hulu. After not getting our Hilary Duff fix via her reboot of Lizzie… this is definitely going to give us all that we needed and more.

I know that it’s easy to get skeptical about sequels, especially when they’re part two of something that was like unbeatably good already as it was. We’re all awaiting this anxiously! Yay for good news!