If You Weren't A Star Wars Fan At Their Christmas Special...

denof geek7

If you weren't a Star Wars fan at their Christmas special then are you even a fan? You have earn your stripes and if you haven't enured the painfully brutal Star Wars Christmas Special well then it looks like you'll have to cancel plans asap and watch this piece of sh!t of a special before even thinking you can go to *gasp* an office holiday party talking about this new Boba-Fett-knock-off- mandalorian show on Disney....( i thought it was Boba Fett) **breathe*

Look, I'm old school boring. i know the first 3 (or 4-6) of star wars, y'know the empires and returns and that first one, plus i really enjoyed the one that came out a few years ago with those cool tie-fighters in their staging area. (love those things)

Now, Warning...this movie is embarrassing and will make you question stuff but there is an attempt to explain this piece of crap and its way better than the movie and you can watch that here

Also if you need a quick preview of this stank pile of pooh just skip ahead to 30 minutes....oh and you get the see Hulk at the very beginning - so don't skip right away. (It's the best part)

I'm also guessing the cast had some pretty big expenive ski habits. Oh and if you have the desire to punch Luke that's probably healthy.

Don't @ me on this one,

Chris Foord