Life Hacks for U of C, SAIT and MRU Students!


We know that being a post secondary student can be SUPER stressful so we asked our friends of Virgin Radio to give us some advice for anyone going to U of C, Mount Royal and SAIT! If you have anything to add, text us at 985985! 





From Carlos on the Textline: At U o fC head over to UofC textbook exchange on Facebook and textbooks will be much cheaper. 

Tabitha on the Textline adds that you can rent textbooks online for much cheaper! Here's the link for that! 

Madison recent grad from U of C: There’s a room in the Taylor Institute Building that has huge windows and piano that people are typically playing, one of the best spots to study! There are also “silent floors” in the TFDL library, if you need a good study session without distractions! The writing centre in the TFDL Library will help you edit and check over your papers for free!!!





Brandon Karp on Facebook: SAIT - the Napa on 16th sells parking passes super cheap, I tried to park for free for a while and eventually got chased out from everywhere but that Napa spot is excellent!

Ali Ghandour on Facebook: I used to park in the cibc plaza on 16 ave and 19 st in the far corner then one stop in the train and ur at SAIT.

Natasha Myette on Facebook: look at when parking passes are available, and put in your calendar so you can purchase the pass as soon as they are available. i did this and managed to get parking every semester... i've been gone from MRU for 5 years now. how time flies!

Courntey Sky on Facebook: Park at Riley Park for cheap and walk up the hill to Sait.

Sonia Tesanovic on Facebook: U of C- the volley dome sells parking passes that cost half of what UofC sells them for - first come first serve and there are limited spots

DeNae on the Textline: MRU parking woes prevention: park at Westhills, take the 13 to campus. It's a 15 minute ride (at least it was when I did it) - DeNae

Ashley Vincent on Facebook: There is a church near MRU that sells parking passes for their parking lot for a heck of a lot cheaper then what MRU charges





Takaiden Ahmad on Facebook: There is free pool on the third floor of Mac Hall at Last Defense Lounge! 

Zach Nelson: I go to Mru. And here is Some good advice meet up at there rec Center for there first day of school. And do some bonding with your new friends. Like going out for dinners

Chabely Cancino on Facebook: SAIT students: SAITSA gives free breakfast every Friday at the peer support centre

Dawn Ilg on Facebook: SAIT had absolutely BOMB hotdogs in the Burns building and they’re the best $2.50 you will ever spend

Sarah on our Textline:  Life hacks at U of C, Dinos sporting games are free! All you have to do is bring and show your university ID card!

Madison, recent grad of U of C: Go to the on campus bar “The Den” for drinks on Thursday’s, and wings on Wednesday’s!
Starbucks line is always shorter at the one by Yamnuska Hall.  Best coffee and smoothies are at “Brew and Blends” in the Kinesiology and Business Building  (locally based which is a bonus too!)