[LISTEN] These Bands Want How Much $ For An Appearance?! PFFT!

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A coffee shop reached out to Def Leppard asking them to play 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' live at their shop to assist with the launch of their new latte.

They offered the band a lifetime of free menu items, but were instead met with this statement from their Talent Group:

"Thank you for your inquiry.
However we regret to inform you that Def Leppard will not be able to perform "Pour Some Sugar On me" at your coffee shop to promote your Brown Sugar Latte.
The band is currently on their Stadium Tour.
While your offer of 'unlimited Bragels and lattes' is generous, appearance fees start at $500,000.
If this meets your budget, we may be able to arrange an appearance in the future. We do ask for 12 months notice.
We hope you'll make (it) to one of their concerts this summer.
All the best with your promotion." - (Source:Loudwire.com)

$500,000 just to get them in the door?! I thought that was bad... until I heard from this Rockaholic who was trying to hire Boston for a wedding.