Today’s Local Feature Friday is a dope artist who is so soulful and will make you feel something with every single note shit hits. She’s been surrounded by music her entire life and has even had vocal training with a professional opera singer. Not only can Victory hit those high notes but comes to the table with mad writing skills as well. Oh…and did I mention she’s only 19. If you go scope her TikTok @victorymusicc you’ll definitely be impressed by the covers she does and the high notes she can hit. Do yourself a favor right now and go scope her rendition of Drivers License, it’s beyond impressive. I’m not saying that I like it more than the original but I’m not not saying that, YYC ;). Girl also just dropped a new track called Gone and lemme tell you those RnB vibes are *chefs kiss*. If you wanna know more about Victory drop her a follow HERE or scope her Spotify!