Monopoly - Metallica World Tour Edition

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Metallica and Monopoly have team up again for a new 2nd edition of the famous board game.

Monopoly - Metallica The World Tour Edition commemorates Metallica's Word tour that hit all 7 continents back in 2013. Yes that includes Antartica, watch below. 

The idea is all set around a tour from the fans prospective including great seats at some shows to parking tickets at other venues and much more. I feel this could bring back some nostalgic memories of live shows that the 2020 Covid year wiped out. 

Obviously like any Metallica tour I do believe this should be made into a drinking game, I mean who's ever seen Metallica sober right?

The tokens are cool too! Player tokens include: Lady Justice, Death Magnetic coffin, Ride the Lightning electric chair, Master of Puppets Cross, Metal Up Your Ass toilet, and the Scary Guy.

It's funny because there are quite a few parody Monopoly games out there and no matter what the theme is it doesn't change the way people play the game. Take Chihuahua-opoly for example...yes, its a real game and i went from sore loser to sore winner very fast. I ended demolishing my wife and friends and i let them know it too!!!! Needless to say we didn't finish the game. haha...ah Monopoly!

To order Metallica - Monopoly World Tour Edition click here. 


To order Chihuahua-opoly click here

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Also Metallica have been said to have been working on new material during this pandemic and perhaps we'll get lucky with a new studio album in 2021. I hope so!


Chris Foord