Post Malone Falls Through Trap Door During Concert


Post Malone fell through a hole in the stage while performing in St. Louis, Misouri on Saturday night. The hole is meant for his guitar to make its way on and off stage, so it's definitely something that he should have been aware of, but poor guy must have been too into the moment while performing! The show was paused for 15 minutes while he collected himself, and Malone returned to finish the concert. He told the audience, "There was a big ass hole in the stage."



After the concert, Malone posted a message on Twitter saying, "Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitar’s on the guitar stand and it goes down, and there’s this big ass hole, so I go around there and I turn the corner and I bust my ass. Winded me pretty good; got me pretty good." He said he went to a local hospital and added, "They gave me some pain meds and everything, so we can keep kicking ass on the tour."