Quebec Woman Gets Fined $1500 for Walking Husband on Leash After Curfew


Okay I’m not going to lie… and I’m not going to apply gender roles here but I’m sure at some point we’ve all dated at least one person that we wished we could keep on a leash… right? I know at least one person has already come to mind, no judgement. If not… you may be the person. Either way, moving on.

As you’ve likely heard a curfew has been put in place in Quebec to slow COVID numbers and to help stop people from gathering. The curfew insists that everyone be in their homes after 8pm unless it is an emergency or you need a reason to be leaving. One of the reasons for leaving has been marked as walking your dog. This is where this particular husband and wife decided to get crafty.

A couple got fined $1500 each for going on a walk after 8pm without a pet… and although the woman had her husband on a leash, they did not deem is a liable reason for them to be out on the streets. I’m not entirely sure if their purpose of this was to be recognized by news stations and viral meme accounts on an international level… but hopefully it was worth the $3,000 it cost them to become the couple who was famous for breaking quarantine on leash.

Fingers crossed that Alberta doesn’t end up in such dire straits that we are implemented a curfew, but just in case we are… take notes: Just because your partner ends up in the dog house once in a while, doesn’t mean you can walk them after curfew.

Hopefully that’s a ticket they can afford, and hopefully they don’t try a role reversal on their next attempt.