Taco Bell Is Releasing a Wine Called 'Jalapeno Noir' in Canada to Pair with Its Cheesy Chalupa


I don’t know about you, but taco bell is such a treat for me.

If you spend a ton of time trying your best… emphasis on the word “trying” to be a little healthier, all that means is that when you do get a chance to eat food like taco bell, it’s a total treat for you and it’s even better than if you did it all the time. The thing is, choices like taco bell for dinner, if you’re like me anyway, often follow a night of drinking, or a massive hangover. We all know that taco bell cures a hangover in 10 seconds or less. This may change though, because Taco Bell Canada now wants you to pair their new signature WINE with their cheesy chalupa. AKA you’re gonna be getting drunk WHILE you eat your Taco Bell, instead of just ordering it after the drinks are done flowing.



The wine is called ‘Jalapeno Noir’ which sounds fancy as all heck. You can’t help but wonder whether or not it’s going to have a kick to it, or if it’s just going to perfectly contrast the flavors in the cheesy chalupa that you’re supposed to be drinking it with.

The new wine will be available as of tomorrow on tacobell.ca (September 16, 2020) and it is exclusive to Canada, which is awesome because stuff like that literally never happens, right?! So if you’re in the mood for some tasty Taco Bell and some wine to pair with it (and maybe a little online shopping) hop on THE TACO BELL WEBSITE and get ready for midnight tonight when this wine become readily available.

I think with this news we can safely say that maybe 2020 isn’t ALL bad.