The 3 Best Songs Off Nickelback's Get Rollin' (In Ash's Opinion)

nickelback tidal wave

Nickelback released a brand new album on Friday, November 18th called Get Rollin'.

They dabble with tons of different sounds here - but these are my three fav tracks from the album.


This was the band's first single they released off the album, and for good reason. This song is the heaviest for sure, and reminds me much of their 'Burn It To The Ground' era.


2. Tidal Wave

This song heads in a slightly new and different direction for Nickelback. Dare I say slightly more alternative and electronic, but nonetheless a very cool sound from Nickelback and I'm curious if they'll make more like this.


3. Standing In The Dark

Still sounds like Nickelback, just a bit more mature. Once again, a newer sound for the band to try out, but I dig it.