The New Trailer For James Bond No Time To Die Is Out

James Bond

James Bond is back. The full trailer for No Time To Die is officially out! This movie looks incredible and like most James Bond films filled with action. We will finally get to see the direction they are taking James Bond. Finally we also get to see what happens to Daniel Craig. For years James has been in our lives. Everyone know growing up with a James Bond movie being in the theatres. It really brings back memories of playing Golden Eye on an N64 with your friends in their parent’s basement. James Bond films have helped us grow up in some sort of way. Not many movie franchises have lasted this long. It’s incredibly to see that this one has and is still going very strong. As the generations change everyone is still very excited to see a James Bond movie. That puts up a great challenge for the makers of the films. This means they need to keep one upping themselves from the last film. Don’t be surprised if we see more incredible stunts and stunning action sequences. Wonder how long they will keep these movies going for. If you think about it, it’s like the one movie they keep rebooting every few years. James Bond is one of those things you can trust. Kind of like the Mission Impossible series. Every few years they come out with a new one and every new one always tops the last one. Thank you James Bond for giving us something to look forward to and being there for us through the years.