The Story of Hanukkah!


Hey friend, how’s it going? In case you didn’t know tonight marks the first night of the Jewish holiday, Hannukah which is known as The Festival of Lights. As someone who celebrates this holiday I thought it would be cool to break down the story of Hanukkah and give you a little background of this holiday and why we celebrate.  

Over two thousand years ago a ruler named Antiochus wanted to impose his beliefs on the Jewish people and have them worship Zeus.

The Maccabees (a group of Jewish rebel warriors) were not keen on this and refused to assimilate.  The small group of warriors battled and eventually defeated the Antiochus and his army. When they won this war they also won back control of the Temple and protection of the Torah which held all the Jewish teachings, writings and law.

When Antiochus and the soldiers were gone and the Jews were able they went back to The Temple to clean it and salvage what had been ransacked and destroyed. Unfortunately their beautiful menorah (candle holder/lamp) was gone and the rest of the temple was in shambles. Now even though the menorah was destroyed The Maccabees made a new one. Now they needed oil to light the menorah however they only found enough to light it for just one evening…to their surprise the oil burned for eight days and eight nights. It was a miracle.

And that is why we celebrate the miracle of the oil burning and this holiday is known as The Festival of Lights.

Thanks so much for hanging out and reading the story of Hanukkah. And if you also celebrate The Festival of Lights, happy first night!