This New Google Advertisement is Making Everyone Bawl Their Eyes Out


Man, I feel like emotions are so heightened these days on every level no matter who you are.

After the emotional turmoil and the generally turbulent 13 months we all just went through collectively, it’s hard to not have your emotions feel a little bit like sand paper. Like, I’d say that the name of what we were just put through is THE RINGER, and it’s not even over yet… but that’s beside the point.

A lot of companies have played our heart strings with sad music and the ability to have us feel a connection to one another, which is honestly a genius marketing scheme. We’ve been through some extremely tough stuff between March of 2020 and now, and when you play it up and add a little sad music behind it… it’s bound to make you cry, and to be something you hold on to and remember.

That’s why this google ad is so genius and also so entirely heartfelt all at once. I mean, have you ever had a year where you googled things more than you did this year? You take all of your regular day to day weird, paranoia induced and downright curious google searches and add a pandemic to the mix, and google becomes your very best friend in the world.

This google ad plays to the things that we’ve been googling pretty regularly during this pandemic, and then having those thing be corrected to the way we used to be, and the things we used to google. If you’re like me, it’s not hard to get the waterworks flowing these days, but this came on quick and strong.

Watch the ad here:

Hopefully it leaves you feeling at least a little bit hopeful.