Check this out, we all know that Tik Tok is the source of a lot of incredible up and coming trends be it music, food, dance challenges or even just a fantastic source of information. Tik Tok can also be an incredible space where you showcase your own skill sets as well and a perfect example of this would be a DJ named BYNX who not only makes his own music but has gone viral multiple times with his “Songs That Were Meant For Each Other” series. So today Tik Tokers let’s take a cute lil peek at a couple of his mash ups that are absolutely slaying it on this platform right now!


This mash up has gotten so much traction on Tik Tok- if there’s a sound you’re looking at right now to add to your videos this one is definitely going to be a top contender. It has 3.5 million views and climbing as well as only 1,200 videos that have used the song so far so you have a decent chance at your video getting some good traction and not getting lost in the mess of thousands upon thousands of videos. Ergo, I would definitely recommend using this song even faded down low in the background.


Let’s get real, Billie Eilish is the Cola that we all love to drink and keep coming back for so mash that up with some heavy beats from NIN nails, you’re not only catering to so many different groups of humans but you are absolutely SLAYING the mash up game.

So which new music mash up is taking the cake this week, YYC?

If you wanna scope any of BYNX's work you can just click his Linktree here!