Tik Tok O Clock: Music Monday

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Check this out, we all know that Tik Tok is the source of a lot of incredible up and coming trends be it music, food, dance challenges or even just a fantastic source of information. Tik Tok also shows us great music that is trending and possibly about to blow the heck up on the app and this definitely rings true for these two music Monday jams! Now maybe they aren’t the newest tracks in the game but they are both definitely trending right now so use either of these behind your video and it’ll probably help get you some traction!

First up we have a track from 24K Goldn with DaBaby called Coco that came out later last year in 2020 now the music video is kind of interesting, not the best with graphics and creatively it’s like 7 tiks out of 10 toks but the beat is hella catchy, just scope it for yourself!


So this YouTube video has over 14 million hits and the song on Tik Tok has about 47k videos and climbing so you know it’s going to pop off soon – make sure you toss it behind your videos even with the sound down cause that’ll help it blow up a little more once the song gets more traction.

Next we have a VIBE from Brent Fiyaz called Clouded and it’ll melt your ear holes, I swear.


So wavy and there’s definitely some Frank Ocean vibes in there, can you hear it?! So this bop has a bit more traction sitting at almost 74k videos and the ones that are going viral are creators doing their hair, and they are SLAYING! Go take a look for yourself.

So which one do you vibe with the most, Clouded or Coco?! It’s all in your hands, boo!