Tim Horton’s Café Mocha Cereal Will Be on Canadian Grocery Shelves Very Soon


I know it’s a weird thing to even bother making mention that the Tim Horton’s cereal will be on Canadian grocery shelves, but in all fairness it’s not often that we get these cool new cereals in this country.  All of those wild and funky new flavors of basically everything usually only live in the states and we get our taste of them when we got for a visit to the other side of the border.

Unfortunately, crossing the border isn’t an option these days so the fact that we’ll be able to get our hands on this cereal on Canadian grocery shelves by the end of this month is truly a blessing.

If you’re anything like me, you cannot get enough coffee. Like, your one cup while you get ready in the morning is not nearly enough and you wish you could just slurp up all of the coffee in the world from all of your orifices. I know that sounds disgusting but whatever. I mean, I know there won’t be a big caffeine dose in this cereal but just the coffee taste will definitely help with our morning fix… and the sugar rush definitely won’t hurt either. Depending how you look at it.

Even if you’re someone who likely wouldn’t mix a sugary cereal like this into their everyday routine, it’s just a fun thing to look forward to in a mad mad world where a lot of the things we usually look forward to are cancelled, postponed, or nonexistent. So when this wonderfully sweet cereal makes its way to a grocery shelf near you!

I honestly may even try pouring iced coffee in instead of milk, because it’s 2021… why not?!